20th Anniversary World Heritage Site San Cristóbal de La Laguna

Galería superior del Claustro del Antiguo Convento de San Agustín (IES Canarias Cabrera Pinto)
Upper cloister gallery

It is 20 years since San Cristóbal de La Laguna was declared a World Heritage city, a recognition by UNESCO that placed the old Aguere at the same level of heritage excellence as ancient cities like Salamanca or Santiago de Compostela.

In December 1999 we learned to look at La Laguna with different eyes. The declaration was the culmination of a long and arduous process in which all social agents were involved. A collective success that culminated the aspirations of all citizens and filled us with shared pride. Since then, the inhabitants of La Laguna have demonstrated their status as belonging to a Heritage City, unique in the Archipelago.

But if complicated was the road to obtaining this world title, difficult has also been the path taken during these two decades, in which La Laguna has met the requirements of a recognition, which is both a prize and the assumption of commitment. Our great challenge is to continue advancing in the defense of our heritage and urban wealth and combine it with the development, growth and aspirations of a city in constant evolution and fully established in the twenty-first century.

20th Anniversary Videos

Towards an increasingly accessible heritage, this year the Burka Teatro’s Dramatized Routes were interpreted into sign language by interpreters from FASICAN.

Throughout this year we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the declaration of La Laguna as a World Heritage Site. Last December, the celebration began with the Burka Teatro Dramatized Routes.

During the “detailed” visits with historian Néstor Verona, very special moments were experienced. On this occasion, the architect Fernando Beautell accompanied us on an in-depth visit to the Church of the Conception. As a final touch, the “Ave Maria” by Gounod, interpreted by the soprano Tairuma Méndez Ubiedo

In another of the visits of the project “The Lagoon in detail” of the historian Néstor Verona, we could enjoy an unforgettable moment: the “Ave Maria” of Schubert in the voice of the mezzo soprano Silvia Zorita. It was during the visit to the Cathedral of La Laguna, together with the archaeologists of the PRORED Soc. Coop. team in charge of the excavations outside the cathedral.

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