Old School of Las Dominicas

In the old Calle de la Cárcel, now Calle Consistorio, was the Colegio de Santa Rosa de Lima. The school was for girls and had 500 students who studied up to high school.

Although it is a building constructed in previous centuries, the facade corresponds to an integral modification carried out in 1912 by the architect Mariano Estanga, and by order of the School of the Dominican Mothers. The decoration of the facade is historicist (neo-Gothic), as reflected in the ogee arches and the laceries. On one side, on a base, Santo Domingo de Guzmán, symbol of the Dominican order.

Currently there are municipal buildings, the most important being the Municipal Archives, the oldest and largest in historical documents of the Canary Islands.

Detalle de ventana
Window detail
Fachada a la calle Consistorio del Antiguo Colegio de las Dominicas
Facade to Consistorio Street
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