Corregidor´s House

The House of the Corregidor was finished in 1545, by the Corregidor of the island of Tenerife Jerónimo Álvarez de Sotomayor. The building owes its name to the fact that it served as the residence of the Corregidor during his period of government. These were the maximum representative of the Crown in the life of the Cabildo; appointed by the monarch himself, they reserved the appointment for the time deemed appropriate. He presided over the meetings of the Cabildo and was the highest military, political and judicial authority.

Nowadays the building is part of the group of Town Hall houses, together with the main building of the Town Hall, the Alhóndiga, the old Dominican School and the House of the General Captains.

Deeply transformed inside, only the red stone doorway of the old building remains, being the oldest example of plateresque art in the Canary Islands. It has a triple heraldry: the coat of arms of the aforementioned Corregidor, the coat of arms of Tenerife, given by Juana I of Castile in 1510, and the central imperial coat of arms of Carlos V.

Fachada principal de la casa del Corregidor
Detalle del capitel de las columnillas estriadas
Columnilla abalaustrada característica del Plateresco.
Detail of Column
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