Town Hall

Vista general desde la Plaza del Adelantado
General view

Historical site where the first government building of the Island of Tenerife, the Cabildo, was erected. Nowadays, a building is erected that has seen its original structure changed, and where the most striking thing is its façade. The old balcony from which the proclamations and announcements were made was modified when in 1822 the architect Juan Nepomuceno Verdugo Da-Pelo made the reform, and gave it that neoclassical style finish and covered it with blue stone. Its finish indicates that “Don Fernando VII reigned”.


Inside, a wide staircase leads to the anteroom of the hall. Its walls are covered with mural paintings made in 1764 by Carlos Da Acosta, depicting scenes from the Conquest of the Island: the apparition of the Virgin of Candelaria to the Guanches, the surrender of the Guanches Menceyes to Alonso Fernández de Lugo, and their presentation to the Court of the Catholic Monarchs. This staircase is covered with an octagonal-shaped roof, with a Portuguese style floral decoration.

The Salones Nobles were built in 1860-1866, with plans by Manuel de Oraá y Arocha; they were refurbished in 1934, and also in 1963, when the flat wooden roof, specially decorated

Acceso al Salón de Plenos
Access to the hall for plenary sessions
Detalle del escudo en marmol de la fachada
Detail of the emblem
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