Barranco de Agua de Dios

The ravine of Agua de Dios that from Tejina receives the name of Barranco de Milán.

The archaeological zone begins at the birth of the ravine, in the municipality of Tegueste, but extends to Tejina, where it is called Barranco de Milán.  It is a wide riverbed, somewhat recessed and more vertical on its left bank. From the archaeological point of view, it constitutes an area of permanent Guanche settlement, as evidenced by the large number of cavities. According to the Archaeological Charter of both municipalities, there are about thirty natural caves for habitation and burial. All are characterized by their reuse to date, the archaeological evidence on the surface, the stratigraphic filling and the difficulty of access. In some sections, due to human pressure, the documented sites have suffered the effects of systematic pillaging, due to the proximity of a population centre, as in the Tejina enclave.

On November 14, 2006, it was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest, with the category of Archaeological Zone “El Barranco de Agua de Dios”, located in the municipalities of Tegueste and San Cristóbal de La Laguna, delimiting its protected environment.

Location: Various municipalities

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