La Barranquera

Archaeological zone located on a coastal cliff, extending from sea level to an altitude of between 25-70 m., west of the residential area of La Barranquera, between the Barranco del Tanque and the Barranco de Chamorro, on the coast of Valle de Guerra. It is a cliff area, but with beach areas, and it hosts an important population during vacation periods; which increases the anthropic action on this area of archaeological interest.

The main archaeological evidence documented in the area is a set of burial caves open in the steep banks of the Barranco del Horno, which retain bone, malacological (of molluscs) and ceramic remains on the surface, as well as some stratigraphic filling in some of them. Towards the mouth, on Roquillo Beach, there are references to surface structures and remains of huts with associated material.

About 100 m. to the south, and on the same Playa del Roquillo, there is a group of residential caves. There are a little more than a dozen natural caves, some of them of considerable size, with abundant material remains on the surface and signs of reuse until very recently. In the vicinity, and towards the south, there is a cave of habitation and of a funerary nature.

Opposite El Roquillo, on a less steep cliff section, there are signs of surface settlement. The Archaeological Charter of the Municipality speaks of some 40 cabins, close to the beach. Nowadays it is possible to perceive remains of some of these structures, as well as lithic and ceramic material.

Towards the west, in the Punta del Jurado, there are several sites such as dwelling caves (currently closed off), a conch shell and a lithic and ceramic surface workshop.

To the south, the cave complex of El Calabazo, at the top of the cliff. It is made up of a group of 7 dwelling caves and 2 burial caves, whose materials have already been extracted. The main dwelling cave, measuring 25.6 x 20 x 4 m, is protected by the remains of an ancient enclosure wall and was excavated in the 1970s and 1980s.

From this point to the Barranco de Chamorro, there are two groups of dwelling caves, of a certain size and some of which preserve an important stratigraphic filling.

On 24 November 2004, La Barranquera, in Valle de Guerra, was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest, with the category of Archaeological Zone.

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