La Laguna launches a website to disseminate its World Heritage City in an accessible way

The council headed by Elvira Jorge has created a page, open to public input, to publicize the property inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Presentación de la nueva web de Patrimonio
Presentation of the new website

The City Council of La Laguna, through the Department of Historical Heritage, has launched a website through which it will publicize its precious property inscribed since 1999 on the UNESCO World Heritage List, the cultural site of San Cristobal de La Laguna. In addition, the most emblematic properties of the city are included through various tools that facilitate accessibility.

The mayor responsible for the area, Elvira Jorge, has been responsible for presenting this morning this page “quick access, direct and will be constantly updated, as we want the public also participate in its development in order to get a resource as attractive, useful, collaborative and inclusive as possible.

“Functional diversity can never be an obstacle to knowing and enjoying the UNESCO World Heritage we possess”, which is why explanatory videos with sign language, audio and other elements have already been inserted to facilitate accessibility and understanding of the information, “as with the possibility of increasing the font size of the texts and changes in contrast”, explained Elvira Jorge.

On the other hand, she announced that work is currently underway to create new content, such as virtual routes, so that this online medium “will be more attractive and help to attract new visitors. The need to offer this type of material is one of the lessons that has given us the current health crisis, but also facilitate that all groups can enjoy the richness of La Laguna,” he said.

Among the features of the website (, the councilwoman explained that includes data on the assets of cultural interest and the latest developments related to the Department, as well as events to be held. All this will be in two languages (Spanish and English) and the audiovisual format and photographs will play a fundamental role. “Its structure is clear, easy to use and is accessible to any device, which makes it a dynamic page that will be made day by day,” he said. In this sense, Elvira Jorge has pointed out that, through the e-mail, citizens will be able to make their contributions.

The mayor recalled that the launch of the website is part of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the declaration of the city as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. “During all these years, San Cristobal de La Laguna has not had a specific page that highlights and puts enough value on this World Heritage property and through which to raise awareness of the importance of its registration, something essential to disseminate and help preserve them and pass them on to future generations,” he said.

Elvira Jorge has indicated that, precisely to reach the youngest population, the Council has also created profiles on the social networks Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, which “facilitates both communication with the population and with potential visitors, as well as the approach to these younger segments,” she concluded.

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