The rules of use of the rooms of the former convent of Santo Domingo, on public display

Interested parties will have until August 28th to submit claims

Antiguo Convento de Santo Domingo

The City Council of La Laguna, through the Department of Culture led by Yaiza Lopez Landi, has approved, initially in a plenary session, the rules for temporary use of the rooms of the former convent of Santo Domingo, which is now submitted to the public information process. Yaiza López Landi stresses that the aim of these regulations is “to protect this Property of Cultural Interest of the municipality, while allowing its enjoyment by the citizens of the lagoon”.

The councillor points out that, from now on, the temporary use of these municipal facilities, where administrative tasks are currently being carried out, will be organised and regulated to make them compatible with public use. “The aim is to convert the former convent of Santo Domingo into a reference point within the agenda of cultural activities in Tenerife”.

The Consistory of the Lagoon will make available to the citizens five rooms of the former convent, where activities with a cultural, social, formative, educational, historical or scientific content can be developed with the condition that these are free for any of the attendees, so those that are for profit or that, on the other hand, attempt against the fundamental values of equality, freedom, tolerance, coexistence and democracy are not allowed.

Likewise, the document that regulates the activity of this space includes the opening and closing hours of the facilities, as well as the official form that interested parties must present to request the temporary use of these facilities. In this sense, the authorization implies the assumption of the obligations set forth in the document by the applicants, whose failure to comply with them may result in different sanctions.

The plenary agreement will become final in the event that no allegations are made during the public hearing period, which runs until 28 August next, following its publication in the Official Provincial Gazette (BOP). Those interested can consult the text of the regulations on the Consistory’s website (

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