City hall

Vista general desde la Plaza del Adelantado

City council

Town Hall Historical site where the first government building of the Island of Tenerife, the Cabildo, was erected. Nowadays, a building is erected that has

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Fachada principal de la casa del Corregidor

Corregidor House

Corregidor´s House The House of the Corregidor was finished in 1545, by the Corregidor of the island of Tenerife Jerónimo Álvarez de Sotomayor. The building

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Fachada principal de la casa La Alhóndiga

Casa de la Alhóndiga

Alhóndiga´s house Principal facade The alhóndiga is the place where the poorer neighbours were supplied, lending them wheat when they could not buy it, or

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Other buildings of cultural interest

Fachada principal del Teatro Leal

Teatro Leal

Teatro Leal Property built by Antonio Leal Martín, with the plans of the architect Antonio Pintor. Inaugurated in September 1915, it will be one of

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